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We offer our patients an online service: You can book and cancel your appointments with a doctor, request your repeat prescriptions, change your details and view your allergies. From 1 April 2016 you will be able to view part of your medical records in a form of detailed coded medical record which includes illnesses, immunisations and test results.

Click here for the online services records access patient information leaflet ‘it’s your choice’

How to sign-up for online services

It is not hard to start using online services. We will need to check who you are to make sure you only see your record and not someone else’s. Just like your bank or the post office when you pick up a parcel, We want to protect your records from people who are not allowed to see them. The steps below explain how this works.

  1. Tell us you would like to start using online services.
  2. We will give you a short form to fill in and sign to confirm you agree with the information on the form. You can download the form here

We will then check you are who you say you are. We will do this in one of three ways: Photo ID and proof of address, for example, a passport or driving licence and a bank statement or council tax statement.

If you do not have any ID and are well known to our surgery, a member of staff may be able to confirm your identity.

If you do not have any ID and are not well known to our surgery, we may ask you questions about the information in your GP record to confirm the record is really yours.

We will then give you a letter with your unique username and password. It will also tell you about the website where you can log in and start using online services.

When you ask us to register you for online services, we might discuss with you why you want to use these services. For example, if we think your record may be seen by someone who shouldn’t see it, we might decide to give you access to book appointments or order your repeat prescriptions only. If we don’t think it is in your interest to use GP online services, we will discuss our reasons with you.” For more information please visit

Online Access for Children aged 11-16 years

Respecting patient confidentiality is an essential part of good care. This applies to every patient: child, young person, or adult. Without the trust that confidentiality brings, children and young people might not seek medical care and advice when they need it most, or they might not tell a doctor all the facts needed to provide good care.

For this reason, Central Surgery has adopted the policy that parents of children aged 11 to 15 years old cannot currently have online access to their children’s records, nor do we allow children in this age group to access these online services for themselves.

From their 11th birthday, access to a child's online record is switched off and neither the child nor the parents can access these services.

As the child approaches their 16th birthday we will invite them to register for online services in their own right.

For further information please visit NHSEngland/records

Click here to download an information leaflet

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